Is it Possible? Saving to an External File?

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  • Hello, I urgently need help to this ^^

    Is there a possible way that I can save variables into a NEW TEXT FILE so that I can use them again once I launch the game again...? I'm planning to export the game and try it out on a different PC and see if it works...well....its just a thought for the meantime

    Are there at least any examples which can show me if you can manipulate your construct game into making output of a different file type??

  • Add the Ajax object and then you can use AJAX to POST any variables you might want to extract to the URL of your choice eg a MySql db. You can later use Ajax/request URL to bring them in to your new machine from the db.

    (You could just use Fiddler to snatch the vars to a txt file if you don't have access to a server with db but it's that easy to setup localhost with Xampp or similar this should be a last case scenario)

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  • bertie Booster

    Hmm, yeah. Doing that with my wampServer was going to be one of my last resorts. But I kinda just felt that I just wanted to run the game and just let it save it as I want to save ingame or exit the game I guess. I'm planning to go export it as NodeWebkit well....for the meantime. I dunno how I can export this and transfer it from computer to computer.

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