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  • Hello all! I've got a few questions concerning the new multiplayer behavior, just so I can get an understanding if my game will actually be possible.

    • First of all, can online games have multiple layouts? For example, could I have a layout for base, and a layout for outside? If so, can players chat between these layouts as long as they are in the same game room?
    • Would I be able to create something similar to a lobby page with chat rooms like Dota and Starcraft have before joining games?
    • After joining a game server, would I be able to make a waiting room where players have 60 or so seconds to select a character?
    • And my final question would be if players can have accounts that level up and give different items at certain levels, again something like Dota and SC2 have implemented.

    Unfortunately, my knowledge of what Construct 2 allows for multiplayer is limited, so I apologize for these questions if they asked a lot. I searched the forums for awhile but couldn't find my answers.

    Ps. Kudos to you fine folk at Scirra, construct is an amazing program. I've spent a significant amount of time using it the past few weeks and just seeing my ideas finally come alive is truly an awesome experience.

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  • Yess you can do this all

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