Would it be possible to make infinite random generation?

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  • Good evening,

    I come to post on this forum because I need your help and your knowledge.

    I'd like to create an MMO game (which I'm doing right now) but I'm blocking at map generation. In fact, it's a space game. I would like the server (host) to generate a map at the beginning and that the more the users go away, the more it will be generated new parts of maps. But here is a big problem, I would like to put a physics on this game (planets that attract the satellites so the satellites orbit around (or crashes) that can be deorbited etc ...) but how could I apply this physics (if possible without bug ) in this generation ?

    Is it achievable ?

    Best regards and thanks you in advance,


    PS : Please pardon my English, I am an french.

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  • Things to google:

    "universal gravitation" for the equation for the force of gravity to apply between two planets.

    "orbit velocity" the initial velocity to give an object an orbit around another.

    "n body simulation" ways to simulate a bunch of objects interacting with each other by forces more efficiently.

    Anyways you can do the gravity by applying a force from every object to every other object based on the distance. That would become slower as you add more planets. Maybe some space partitioning or only calculating stuff close to the screen would help. The reality of it is you'll have to scale the idea way back as you likely won't be able to do that many planets moving with physics before things slow down. Not to mention the online aspect will bottleneck things too because of bandwidth limits.

    I have no useful ideas on the actual generation.

  • Good evening,

    Thank you for your very quick answer.

    Yes, after reflection I think that having an infinite map would be too complicated with an advanced physic.

    So I think to make a limited map, but one of my problems persists, how could I transmit the position of all objects to a user when he joins?

    Thank you in advance,


    PS: Still sorry for my English

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