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  • hello guys i am truly big fan of construct 2 but here comes a little question is it possible to make game like sky in C2 if yes then how any plugin / behaviour needed if no then why ?


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  • yes you can and i dont think you need any plugin !

    its an isometic game

    you just need images and ready to go !

  • so it can possible but sky having feature call portal, clone, path kinda features

  • so it can possible but sky having feature call portal, clone, path kinda features

    still possible! you can make a game like clash of clans with construct 2 ! sky isnt even that hard !

    i made a game like c&c generals with c2 ! (i never released it (graphics need more work!))

    any 2D and 2.5D (isometric) is possible with c2

  • so 2.5d is possible in it Ori and the Bind forest kinda as well but i have seen one thing in every gaming engine smoothness and second clarity of assets, but not in C2 some shining kinda i won't know what it exactly call but the game look really cool some whitenish kinda...

  • The question is not can it be made, but can it be made by you?

    The "shining" or "whitenish" you are talking about is visual?

    For visual thing are made with programs to create visual things, like photoshop and illustrator, or their free cousins Gimp and Inkscape..

    Construct2 is for programming and will be able to use your shiny pictures and make them alive..

    Ofcourse all the effects and/or blending modes available in C2 can help a lot in creating the visual effect you'd like..

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