Is it possible to export all images in my game at once?

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  • Hey there,

    there is the option to export a single frame in a sprite, to save it on your computer.

    Since I do most of my animation frames directly in the C2 editor, is there a possibility to export them all at once? (since I want to use them in a different project)

    I know that all images are in the exported NWJS folder, but animations are all put into one sheet. I would like to have them all separate if that's possible (or if it is even necessary).

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  • I don't think it's possible to do in the editor, but you can make a small project that will export all images.

    Put all sprites to a layout, add them all to a family. For each family instance, loop through animation frames and save each frame image to disk.

    If a sprite has multiple animations, you need to put multiple instances of it onto the layout, each with different animation playing.

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