Is it possible to have an effect on a sprite in Aseprite

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  • Hello guys

    I have a question,

    In Aseprite I made some sprites with an effect, color dodge.

    As soon as I add the sprite in construct, the effect is black, and no more like how it was in Aseprite.

    Is it possible to have an effect on a sprite in Aseprite and then place them in construct, keeping the effect?

    thanks in advance

  • weird question my dude, whatever effect you make, you export a png from Aseprite, and that just has RGB and Alpha in it

    just export the normal image and use webGL effects in c2

    oh if your effect looks really weird, maybe you just lost the alpha channel in the image file, make sure you export as a PNG format, that keeps opacity differences

  • Hi BiffanyPFH

    I try to explain it better,

    I made an animation in Aseprite with a layer color dodge, to make a lightning thunder effect.

    I saved it as a GIF.

    As soon as I put it in construct, the first frame has a black background and the effect is not transparent, in the other frames the black background is gone, and the lightning gets black, the lightning effect overlaps the sprite.

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  • I saved it as a GIF.

    thats the problem, GIF messes with color depth - instead of save as gif, export it as spritesheet from Aseprite and animate your animation inside C2, your effect will lose no quality then

    before exporting as spritesheet, adjust borders of your animation frames to the minimum, then add one pixel to all sides. It'll make your job easier inside C2

  • yes dont use gifs they and C2 are not friends

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