Is it possible? To have a database like this?

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  • Hey is it possible i can have a database for my game were i can view my players items and give certain people items in the game maybe i wwant to give someone admin i can click the player i want admin and give them admin and just have it like that were i can give certain player items and some not

  • Construct is capable of attaching to a database. There is a tutorial on how to setup and connect to a MySql database here: ... l-database

    To be able to do it, you will have to have some understanding of php and MySql and will need to have a hosted php site with a MySql database accessible from where ever your players are connecting. Assuming you have those 2 requirements, you should be able to follow along with the above tutorial rather easily.

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  • FragFather i have no idea how to do this could u come help me i can pay for help

  • FragFather i have no idea how to do this could u come help me i can pay for help

    I'm sorry but I have my own projects I am working on. I can't give my time to another persons projects. You may want to go to the Job Offers and Requests forum and let the community know what you are looking for there. You may find a php developer looking to join a team.

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