Possible to make city builder style games?

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  • Yes i wanna make a city builder game like kingdoms and castles but in the 2d format and have no clue where to begin. I have some tilesets and stuff i got but i cannot seem to find any tutorials on where to begin such a project on construct 2...Also can i sell my games using the free version of Construct 2?

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  • To answer your questions.

    Yes, c2 and c3 could be used to make a city builder if you mean something like sim-city. While you could likely do it with just a tileset, to me, keeping track of what tile is where would be a chore and I'd likely adopt a strategy of using an array and copy that over to the tileset. And even then, it would be a lot of work keeping track of things. If you're new enough to construct that you're not sure where to begin on this project, I strongly suggest something a bit easier to get yourself familiar with the intricacies of programming in c2/c3 and come back to this when you feel more confident.

    As for selling with the free version: yes and no.


    '- Not allowed to be used for commercial purposes (however, it can be used in education and other non-profit organisations).'

    Either way, I seriously doubt if you could make something like this with the limitations of the free version.

  • the game i am wanting to make is villiagers go get wood stone iron and other stuff to be able to build better buildings not a sim city style game!

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