Is it possible to build a signature tool that exports html files?

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  • Hey lovely community!

    I want to build a signature-tool where the user types in some data like name, phonenumber etc and the email adress. The tool should take one of the prebuild sigantures, dependet on the choosen email adress (i.e. infooki@xxx = xxx sigature, infooki@yyy = yyy signature), fill in the typed in data and export the signature as html file for the use with Thunderbird or whatever.

    Is this possible? And if so, do you have some ideas how to realise it? I know construct ist not really designed for things like that but this way would be waaaaay easier for me than to lern how to script this with pure html.

    Every idea is welcome, thaks in advance and stay excellent:)

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  • If you add these HTML templates to Construct project, then it's just a matter of replacing text. Let's say you have the following HTML template stored in a text variable "t":

    <span>Name: aaaa</span> 
    <span>Phone: bbbb</span><br>
    <span><a href="mailto:cccc">cccc</a></span>

    You can simply do:

    Set t to replace(t, "aaaa", PersonName)

    Set t to replace(t, "bbbb", PersonPhone)

    Set t to replace(t, "cccc", PersonEmail)

    To export the result, you can use "Browser -> Invoke Download of String" action.

  • Works, love you, mate:)

  • I like you too, but only as a friend lol :)

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