Is it possible to build a online topdown multiplayer shooter

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  • Hey folks,

    quick question. Let's consider this a really general question. A friend of mine and I loved to play this silly little Starship-Troopers-like game called "Triumph! War 2099" when we were young ([ur=]Youtube-Link). Now we got the idea to build a fan remake with online compatibility so we can still play it today Is this possible with Construct 2? I got already a few experiences using Construct 2 and I think in terms of graphics, controls, gameplay and ai, sure that will be manageable. But how about the online multiplayer part? The original was a 1-4 player game for PC, but I guess even a 1-2 player co-op would be awesome already. Our target platform would still be PC. Just imagine, I have literally absolutely NO IDEA how this whole online gaming ... thing ... works ^^ if the game needs to run on a server or, really, I have no clue ^^

    Thanks a lot for your feedback! Any tutorials or references are much appreciated! Depending on your answer we will decide if we dive into the development of that title or if we just stick to playing the old game


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  • Quick answer: Yes.

    Slightly longer answer: Online multiplayer netcode may be more difficult than you imagine, especially with projectiles and a large number of actors in a real-time game.

    As for tutorials, you'll want to start here.

    You'll want to read and actually follow all the tutorials there. If there is anything you don't understand after going through those, it will be a rough ride making your own multiplayer game.

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