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  • Hi Dear;

    I wanna develop a game which it sholud be dynamic.For example: while I am playing my game, when I click item buttons, item menu should be open without closed my current game page is it possible? If possible please send me a capx example or explanation in detail?

  • There are so many ways to do this, you'd better explain what you'd like to do in a better way..

    It's really a matter of what suits you and what do you like the best..

    Either setting all objects invisible or setting a layer with the objects invisible or creating the objects when needed and destroying them when not..

    Putting the menu on a seperate layer in the layout, or making the layer in a different layout and setting it to global..

    And then some..

  • On click on the button move an object in the screen, could be out of the screen or could be invisible and when click the button comes visible.

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  • you mean;

    I will create a 2 layer in the same layout and after set it to global.and when I click pasue button it will comes on the screen without closed my game? right?

  • It will only come on the screen if you have written events for it to come on the screen..

    if you create a second layer in the same layout, there is no need for it to be set to global unless you want to use it in other layouts as well..

    Also it will probably be best to put all events for the pause-menu in a de-activated group and only activate this group if pause button is clicked..

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