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  • My University has asked me if I'm able to create an app for them, this is their brief:

    "It will be a basic app linking to website advice articles, event booking pages and display simply what dates the user has tickets booked for. (We are toying with the idea of a having a game built in too!)"

    The game bit is not an issue. But is there a way to have a live-updating up so I can update it with a new article link without having to send the game for a whole new update on Google Play? And also any way to display a users tickets? (even if they have to input the ticket dates and times themselves, so they can stay there to be accessed whenever).

    Thank you!

  • An app is not ideal for linking to existing articles, as they are displayed in an unknown way.

    So basically Google play, not so much, but its doable, with a few caveats.

    The best bet would be a web app, possibly in the Chrome Store. That would allow for instant updates via a plug, where Google play might have some issues.

  • Sorry if I sound dumb, but what do you mean they are displayed in an unknown way? It'll just be a link to a website.

    The problem is it HAS to be for mobile (Android/iOS) NOT PC according to the brief.

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  • I guess, the first thing for this will be a window inside the app, where you can add HTML code. It's the same as prompted when exporting an project - C2 offers to add a space for external HTML code. So basically,it should be absolutely possible even before exporting, to add such a "window"

  • The unknown way is the html of the website. Theres a big difference between showing some text, and displaying a website.

    If its just a link aggregator for mobile you can just open them in a new webpage, but the sync part is a little more difficult. I would suggest a service such as Firebase.

  • You Could make the Link buttons go to a default website.This Default website would then link you to another website. so in theory the app would go to the link site,so if you changed where that link sight goes it would change where the app ends up going without having to update the app itself.

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