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  • Is it possible to save a snapshot within the app, to your mobile sd card? I'm wanting to leverage the promotion of my android game, but giving the user the option to post their highscore (as an image) to fb via a share. But if they cant do it by sharing, maybe saving it to their gallery would work as well. Any thoughts? Thanks all.

  • Why not using the Facebook Graph API?

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  • I suppose you are right. I was wrong to give the FB example, I was trying to make the question clear. If I wanted to share the image to ANY of the social media places. Did not know about FB api, ty for that. You think the snapshot possible?

  • I'm not sure about the snapshot thing. Let me check it here... But, meanwhile, do some research on the specific social networks you'll be targeting, 'cause I believe most -- if not all -- will have an API for that.

    I'll come back if I found out anything about this... Maybe Lordshiva1948 (forgive me if you don't like being tagged), who's far more experienced than me, could give some insight on that.

  • I was thinking of the api issue, so if we had a snapshot saved to the gallery, you can then do what you wanted with it. Share it, post it... Thx brunopalermo for taking the time bro. Appreciate it,

  • brunopalermo No I do not mind If I can I will try thanks

  • I have never try that so I cannot say anything but, being holiday soon I will look at it soon if I get time. So Sorry

  • thx all. I think this will help in promoting of games. Instagram is basically picture based and most of the "kids" from FB, are there now. I'm looking around, so If I find anything, will post back as well. thx again

  • Maybe using Node Webkit.... It allows you to write files. I'm not sure this would work with phones, but... Maybe it's worth trying.

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