Positioning text objects relative to window

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  • Hi everybody

    I've just started using Construct 2, and my first project is a platform game. I have a window size of 640/480 and a layout of greater size. In the top left corner of the layout I have positioned some text objects containing information such as ammo, points, etc. I want to position these text objects relative to the window (not the layout) - but I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this.

    Does anybody have a nice tip on how to do this?



  • Have the text objects on a separate layer, name it "interface" or "hud" or whatever you want.

    what's important is that you set the "parallax" rate to 0. This means it doesn't scroll with the rest of the layout.

    A parallax rate of 50 for example would scroll at half the rate of a layout at 100, suitable for backdrops.

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  • Cool - works perfectly :) Thanks a lot!

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