How do I use positioned sound for top-down games ?

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  • Hello !

    I’d like to guide the player with sounds in a top-down video game.

    The thing is, Construct 2 positioned sound seems to be designed for platformer games. In fact, if the sound comes from the right half of the screen compared to the player’s position, the panning of the sound will be to the right. If the sound comes from the left half, the sound will be paned to the left. Finally, if the player is on the same vertical line, you’ll hear the sound with the same volume in right and left ears.

    What I want is that the panning depends on the player’s orientation. If the player looks to the opposite direction of the sound source, the sound is considered coming from behind etc… This way, as you’re looking from above with a character that can move with the 8 directions behavior, you can know if you're going toward the sound source, or if you have to go more on the left, the right and so on.

    Do you know a way to achieve this?

    Thanks !

  • Check out the examples that come with C2. There is a top-down ex that explains this.

  • Thank for your reply. Hower even if it's a top down view, the sound doesn't depend on the player's orientation. I'm trying to do a little of trigonometry to cheat but it's not that great. I'll give the results later.

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  • I see. I'm sure there's a way to make it happen with a little outside the box thinking. Good luck!

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