How to position shadow on the jump in beat'en up game

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    My project mixes elements of platform games and beat'en Up!

    I am leaving a link with a sample of the gameplay where it is possible to see problems in the position of the shadow when the player jumps to a higher platform. How to create an algorithm that controls the position of the shadow in the layout, even during the jump.

    If you hit backspace you'll be able to see the collision objects I'm using to control the girl.

    The orange object contains the platform behavior. Controls the character's collision with the terrain and walls. The shadow black circle follows the X coordinates of the orange object, and controls the Y position of the character when the platform object is on the ground. The red object serves only as a collision box.


    Directional arrows and the W, S, A, D keys move the character

    Spacebar to jump

    E key to fast forward

  • Here is the shadow formula :

  • Here is the shadow formula :

    Hello again friend, always help me

    I guess the way I'm programming, what you suggested does not apply. Or I misunderstand your events.

    My idea was to use the points of origin in the platform object to delimit the position of the shadow. In addition to controlling the Y position. When the orange object lands on the jump, it updates the values ??based on the point of origin, I believe that here is the problem. But I can not imagine a solution.

  • When you jump up the shadow should remain on the floor but gets smaller the higher the player jumps and gets bigger as player falls back to the floor.

    You can use Size to resize the shadow.

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  • Then take my bombamen prototype: ... _back.capx

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