How do I position a ledge climb animation?

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  • I want my character to climb up a ledge when attached to it. I'm already having trouble properly positioning the character when the marker overlaps with the ledge, but what I want to happen is the character to automatically climb the ledge when grabbing it. The problem is I don't know how I could get the character himself to move onto the the top of the ledge. At the moment, the animation plays with the character climbing but not physically moving. Would I need to actually change his x/y values every frame of the animation? Or is there a more convenient way of doing this?


  • Once I get back home I can send you some info on how I did it for my project if no one else does it before me.

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  • One thing you could try is to place a very small invisible object on the border of the ledge, then place precisely the origin of your character object so that it is correctly placed next to the ledge during the climb animation. For example, if your character is hanging to the ledge by his hands, place the origin on the characters' hands for this frame. Then just set the character's position to the invisible object's position as soon as he is attached to the ledge.

    I wouldn't bother to move the character's Y position while he is climbing if you have a climb animation. Adjusting the origin for each frame seems more consistent.

    Good luck!

  • Forumpy,

    I sent you a small capx file with an old version of my prototype. I sent you some info about it as well. Let me know if you cant completely figure it out.


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