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  • I'm having trouble with a menu pop up. See the capx below for the example.

    Menu Issues

    Here's what I want to happen. If you click on Options, it brings up Pop Up #1. Then you shouldn't be able to click on any other sprite button except Pop Up #1 - even if where you click on the pop up overlays an underlying sprite button. If you click on Pop Up #1, then you should have the main menu options available again. The same should work for Story and it's Pop Up #2. I've also added a menu toggle which should not be changed when either pop up is up. That's the only part that really works.

    Also note that if you click on far right edge of each sprite button, it works properly for bringing the pop up up. But if you click in the middle of a sprite button - it seems to be clicking it, executing the pop up, but the original click is also activating the pop up's code and sends it off screen again.

    Can anyone help with this? I don't want to use separate layouts, although using separate layers would be okay. I also don't want to use different inputs. I rather use a left mouse click for everything.

    As a bonus. Does anyone have an idea why the main menu text doesn't seem to have a Z property? I tried to send them to the bottom layer or send the pop up background to the top layer many times but the main menu text is still showing?


  • Here try this: popupMenuHelp.capx (r99)

    Here's an old similar post:


    The text is always rendered above everything else when webgl is enabled. It's best to use an image for the text. Or you could set it invisible/move it offscreen when it's covered but that wouldn't really work if the text is only half covered.

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  • Thank you ramones. I had tried Trigger Once prior but used it incorrectly on my attempt. The text rendering information is helpful as well.

    Thanks again

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