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  • I need to make one for my college course. I tried looking up a youtube tutorial that was an hour long that used Construct 2 and it showed me how to do it step by step, but at one point it stopped working for various reasons.

    I knew this because he went to test it at that point in the video and it worked for him but not me. I had followed his steps as best I could but it's not working and now I have no clue as to where the problem is.

    Could anyone tell me how to make a simple (very simple) pong game with contruct? It needs 2 paddles, a ball, and preferably a score-keeping system.

    Also bear in mind I don't really know my way around construct 2 quite yet.

    If you could link me to a video tutorial,

    (not this one)


    or give me precise instructions or even send me a working event sheet, I would be very grateful.

  • Hm. Two paddle sprites; one controlled by keyboard, the other by Ball.X/Y with some randomization. Ball has bullet behavior, setting "Bounce off solids" to Yes and setting the paddles to solid. When Ball.X/Y = off-screen, add a point (global variables) to the winning side, then respawn the ball on Space Pressed. Solid objects on the top and bottom (just off-screen, aligned with the layout borders) for the ball to bounce off of. Every 10 or so seconds, increase Ball.Bullet.Speed by 50 or so. Reset speed and position when off-screen.

  • Here you go:

    pong game

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  • Thanks Saint Mike, I knew most of that already, it's pretty simple stuff I agree, but it's more complicated than that to me. It takes more than just setting up those settings and things for it to work.

    Wink that's really helpful. If I may, I'm going to look over it and pretty much copy it, replacing your sprites with mine. It's only for college, I'm not going to try to sell it (pffft) or put it up as my own work here. It's just to show on Monday to my class and then that's it.

  • Sure no problem Pongboy. When its time for your senior thesis let me know, and you can look over mine then just copy it, and replace my name with yours. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Just kidding, one thing I just noticed that you might want to change is look in the objects window and click on Puck. Then look in the Pucks property window under the bullet behavior, and change set angle form yes to no. I made that game a while ago with an older version of C2, and I think one of the newer updates messed it up.

  • I'm having trouble with the event sheet. I can't get the AI_Score instance variable done as it says it doesn't exist. How did you set up the AI_Score and Player_Score instance variables?

    It's event 10 if you can check. How did you do that? I'm stuck on the first event as I need event 10 up to have the first event something to operate on.

  • I didn't use instance variables those are global variables. If you look at the top of the event sheet you will see global number AI_Score, and Player_Score. If you double click on them they will open , and you can change them if you need to.

    I'm not sure what your asking. What are you trying to do?

  • How do I make a Global Variable then? At the top of the sheet like you did?


    Nevermind, I right clicked and added them. I'll need help later by the looks of things though.

  • Ok, just ask when you need more help. I might not be able to reply right away I'm at work right now but I will keep checking this thread whenever I can.

  • On the second event you have the "Get Ready text" set to visible.

    How did you get to select the Get Ready text?

    Under "Mouse: set cursor to none" is what I'm talking about.


    Nevermind AGAIN, it was invisible. I'll make sure the answer isn't obvious to me next time I get stuck...

  • Lol, I guess I should have commented the event sheet.

  • For event 12, how do I select which object? I can see on your's there is an option for which button on the mouse, if it's single clicked or double clicked and which object to click on, but mine doesn't have the which object selection?

    Also I just tested my version and all it does is display the dummy puck in the middle of a white background, then disappears for a second after about 3, then reappears. My background is supposed to be black, and nothing else happens. I can't click anywhere and my cursor disappears when it goes over the layout..

  • If you give it the mouse event a new window should open. Then select "on object clicked", and another window should open then at the bottom of that window click on the "object clicked" area, and you can select the object that you want.

    To set your background color you need to go to the layout, and select the layers tab in the middle right area of C2. Then click on the background layer, look to the left in the properties window, click on were it says background color, and a little drop down color picker should appear. Also in the properties window make sure that were it says "initially visible" visible is selected. When the background is black you should be able to see the white puck move. If you want your cursor to be visible all the time just delete were it says set "cursor to none".

    Are you trying to add parts of my game to a different game? Or are you just trying to rebuild it?

    If this isn't working for you could you post your .capx for me to look at?

  • I did those fixes and fixed some other things I overlooked, but it still hasn't changed the end result.

    I'm 99.9% certain our projects match, except for some audio events I don't want to use and the sprites being different colours (they are obviously different pictures I used).

    How could I still be going wrong?

    I just saw your edit.

    I'm trying to make my own pong game just as how you did it, since it works.

  • How do I send them to you as a .capx?

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