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  • Hello everyone.

    I am making a maze game and need the enemies to have intelligent AI, and path-finding is one alternative i'm considering.

    But the C2 manual gives me pause, because it states "Calculating a path can take a long time..." I don't want to invest 3-4 weeks developing a game in a particular path (using path-finding and all related events) only to find out it was not worth it because its way too slow.

    my layout is 1280x720; the cell size is 32, and i have 10-12 enemies (max). i need the enemies to find their path from way-point to way-point seamlessly without any delays.

    QUESTION: does anyone have "real world" experience with path-finding in similar sized projects? where the characters responsive in finding their next path? i want to keep an eye on play ability on mobile devices that are not on the cutting edge of technology....so it should run relatively smoothly across a wide range of devices (although not ancient devices, naturally).


    thanks a million to everyone

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  • Sounds easy to test, and only you know what you want.

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