How do I make a pokemon game

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  • All I really need are specifics to this feed, but mostly I need help on making a cutscene, opening a different menu whenever I get into battles (pokemon fans should know what I mean, and if not, I'll clarify), calculating "random encounters" in tall grass, and, whenever teleportation happens, the camera moves along with it instantaneously.

    Now, I am trying to study this stuff as well, but some outside help from people who already know how to do this would be appreciated very much.

  • It would be easier to help if your questions were more specific..

    Probably all the functions you are looking for you can find on this forum, allthough maybe they have to be adjusted to your needs..

  • Okay, then please tell me what I need to specify. And, like I said earlier, I am actively searching for functions, tutorials, and the like.

  • Since pokemon is a rpg I did look up how Pokemon battle pick was used and it was quite easy. They used a global variable say 200 and every time you would move to the next "tall grass" It would decrease by 1. And you know those item Repel and attract? Well all they did was to modify the max number of that global variable by 50

    and to get the battle started is that if you were to decrease the number to 0 then you would have the game to switch to battle mode and from on there it use another Variable to pick from say the area to being 10 pokemon then the game would pick between 1-10 and then it would load the pokemon animation and its characteristic stats. and when the battle would end you would have the event to reset the global variables back to its max number.

    Now currently I am working on a battle system and I will post a capx of it when im done.

    Now a question for you Karsten Please give us a List on what you need help with.

    Since you and me are working on a similar project I can offer a little experience and knowledge I and still learning.

  • Well, thank you Glad to see you're willing to help and I'm also glad to see a dragon username.

    So, basically what you're saying is I have to set a variable for the tall grass to a variable. Whenever I take a step the number decreases by 1, and when it hits zero, a battle begins. But how do I make it a more random chance, with at least 2 random encounters per route? Have any suggestions for that?

    The difficulties I'm having are

    -creating the battle scene. It's the most important aspect of Pokemon

    -moving into buildings and new routes. In my past experience with Construct, whenever the character was teleported to a new location, the camera would just whiz past, instead of jumping instantly to the area.

    -I also need help with generating and keeping stats of pokemon (like IVs, personality, level, gender, etc.) and saving information about previously battled trainers

    -Creating a fakemon pokedex :/ That's kind of obvious


    -Eyecatches for entering special areas

    I'm much newer than you, but hey, we could probably improve by a lot by working on these projects

  • Also, Gearworkdragon, the generation I'm trying to clone is gen 5


    This is the tall grass example you can see here that player sprite move over the tallgrass i had it to choose between four set of number to subtract the global variable.

    And since you are not using a paid version I had the two text box to show you what was happening.

    I changed the bounding box collision to be smaller then its size so that when you walk on a different patch of grass it would read between your own player bounding box and the tiles individually because if it was set at it default setting my code would not have work as effective.

    And because the free version does not allow family i went ahead and made it one tile for a tile map.

  • The dropbox isn't loading Gearworkdragon (I'm tagging you every time since I'm new to forums and don't know if you would get notified if I didn't tag you)

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  • ... .capx?dl=1

    Try this ? I was told that i had to change it from 0 to one on DL It will auto download

    so click one time

  • If you want to make a RPG, the Grass is one of the last things you should be worried about. ^^

    You should figure out a battlesystem, a inventory, shops and dialogs first.

    I think there are tutorials for each in the Tutorial section of the Website.

  • I agree with

    Perhaps you should try something a little less complicated, just until you are familiar with C2.

    Also, it's not that we don't want to help, but coming on the forums and asking a very generic question like "how do I make game X" is like asking us to make your game for you.

    If you are stuck on a certain mechanic we can help for sure, but you need to be putting in the effort to learn as well.

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