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  • Here is what I know so far. Please correct me on this. So i made several flow chart array and stuff. I got some forumula on how the skill modifer and pokemon attacks will work. But I know how to make the dam game from a static view such as attac punch kick with ease. but you all know that in a pokemon like world there is skill set as well as pokemon stats and their crazy ass forumla. Right now i am just doing it simple.

    So heres my real question how do i get the game to know that when I use fireball. To pull data from the array such as this the power of it and the type of it. With a smart picking feature so that i am not having to create an event for each skill alone but rather pick the skill name from teh array and use it instead of tell which coor of the array. Basically trying to convert 20 event down to least 1.

    One more thing I am trying to make it to where when i use let say the first button could be either fireball or waterball so id like to use smart picking of the variable to draw from array skill set.

    And if theres a proper way to do it. Id like to know because ATM theres no one on it. The reason why its not popular is because no one is willing to teach it. I think theres a huge market for it. But without teaching how in the hell are we suppose to make such things.

  • Do you know how to properly use arrays, including comparing values stored in them? If you do, use "Compare value at X/X,Y/X,Y,Z" and specifically, for the value you're checking for, where it's stored, define it as a boolean (put only "true" or "false") and then check if say

    Compare value at 7,2 (2d array): if "true"

  • Thx you you just got me an idea instead of array why not a bunch of function to do the hard work. And then use a variable power during each turn. and making sure to erase that at the end of the turn so that it doesn't double up.

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  • I could show you how to do it in an efficient way without having to rely on variables (well, except if you need instance variables)

  • Well some of the battle formula would be something like player.power+ skill.power Its a way to not have to remember what each does and two player power will increase as his level goes up

    But yeah id love to learn what you know.

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