Point vs linear help needed.

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  • Linear sampling

    Point sampling

    Pixel rounding: on

    Window size 1600,900

    Fullscreen scaling: high

    High DPI: yes

    Enable webGL: on

    Downscaling: low

    I began making this game with point sampling, i have noticed the irregular pixel size and i would like to fix it. I have tried multiple setting and have just settled for the above. Is there a way to draw images between pixels in point sampling or is there a way to remove the blurriness from linear sampling? Also i tried linear sampling with scaled up images, for example the weapon buttons are 128x128 images where the pause button is 16x16, as you can see the scaled up image of the same size is cleaner, if i use larger images will it slow processing down while it takes time to load? Thanks for any help.

  • Hey Curry.

    There is no way to use point and have pixels drawn in between like in linear unfortunately.

    Using larger images will affect the amount of memory the game takes to play (it probably wont affect the load time because simple graphics take up less space on disk - but when the game loads the assets into memory they will be the same as high res graphics of the same size). This could be a problem if you are making a huge game and want to target weaker devices like mobiles. If your game is not that big then using downscaled images in linear might be a good solution.

  • Thanks, but can you recommend the settings if I use linear for a pixel graphics game? What scale should I use for sprites as well, the pause button is 1:1 scale and the weapon button is 8:1 scale, as you can see above they look obviously different. Will 8 or 10 times scales up images slow down the game? Also any tips for using linear sampling? Also this game is being made for computers not phones.

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  • Sorry for the late reply mate.

    What scale you should use will be dependant on how crisp you want it to be at higher resolutions. If you want to have it playing on a tv for example it would need to be pretty big.

    Images will slow down your game when you get to the point where you have too many. How many is too many? That is dependent on your computer or device. Setting up a pixel art game with linear will mean you will reach that limit sooner than if you used point sampling.

    If you want to know what the limit is for your device then just keep adding in more assets until you notice slowdown. As Ashley would say, test early and test often.

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