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  • Hi!

    Sponsor gave me a task to implement splash screen in my game. He sent me texture atlas PNG and XML file. I tried to find any information how to use this PNG+XML, but nothing really helpful.

    Maybe someone know how to put all this in Construct 2 or in html5 code and make Splash screen working? Really need your help!

    Thank you!

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  • Modify the "loading-logo.png" file in the folder "Files/Icons" of your project so that it is actually your png file.

    Make sure the project's properties are set to display the logo in the "loader style" and you can forget about the XML file which normally just contains some not relevant text to an image.

    Otherwise, consider putting your png in a sprite and display the layout it is in as a custom loading layout.

  • Thank you. But actually this is not what i really ask. I don't need loading screen, i need sponsors branding animation. XML file is important, because it contains animation algorithm. I know this is difficult question, but maybe some one knows something about my trouble?

  • I'm afraid you will have to program the parsing for the "algorithm" yourself in events.

    It depends on the content of the XML file itself and what it is supposed to do.

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