How do I get plugins i used in construct2 into construct3?

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  • Ive bought construct3 today and i was wondering what happens, if youre used several plugins in construct2. Without them i cannot open my project, so is there a workaround or do i have to wait some months until they will be released for construct3 too? (If they will be renewed over all).

    In this case construct3 makes no sense to me. Any ideas, thoughts or feedback about this?

    Thank you very much!

  • Ashley

    i will try the new construct3 version (r61 today) but for my project ive created in construct2, there are several plugins i would need to import into construct3, to get this project to run... is there any solution? will those plugins be renewed? for excample: iframe, liteTween and some others.

    And do you stopped the support of construct2? Are those features you embedded in construct3 will be embeddet also in construct2?

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  • Congrats2u

    I don't have experience on using this myself (as I'm still on Construct 2 with my current project), but you might want to look into this converter/topic, hopefully it'll help you:

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