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  • Hello everyone! I'll introduce myself in the introduction forum.

    I'm having an issue with the 'pause' plugin by 'rexrainbow'. The folder itself is in the 'plugins' folder, however it does not show up in my already existing project. I've restarted C2 multiple times with nothing coming up.

    I also tried creating a new project and the plugin still did not appear. I had to run the test_pause.cpx demo after opening C2 from my USB drive. Yes, I use C2 from my usb drive as it's mobile with me and I can use it at work :).

    Any ideas? Let me know if I can be more clear or you need more information.

    Thanks, Xerullian

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  • Figured it out, replying to my own post.

    Not sure if anyone else ever ran in to this 'mind-less' moment. You have to create the plugin as an object first on the layout sheet.

    Example: I wanted to use the 'Pause' plugin, but could not. I had to create the pause plugin as an object on the layout sheet first.

    Good for future reference to anyone. Should be common sense, I'm not sure it is though.

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