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  • I was sent to use an experimental plugin by Ashley that integrates the Steamworks API through Greenworks and Node Webkit.

    However, and this may be really obvious, I'm not entirely sure how to use this plugin in it's entirety. For instance, adding achievements. I see where you would do that, adding it as an object than using an event to call an achievement. But where do you actually input the achievement information (name of the achievement for example)?

    Also, Cloud Saving, Badges, Trading Cards. How are all of these implemented? I don't seem to see any event options pertaining to these things, yet I've been told they work.

    I know has used this with success. Does anyone else know how to implement this in the ways similar to Cosmochoria?

    Plugin in question:

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  • Achievements are first setup in the steamworks dashboard area for your app. Once they're setup there you can reference them with the plugin.

    Trading cards, badges, cloud saving, etc is all supported without any attachment to your actual app. They are all setup and run via your steamworks area for the app. Check the steamworks api documentation, its quite straight forward. If you show me your greenlit project page and can confirm you've signed the nda i can send you a helpful email, if you need it.



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