Pls check my pause setting and help me out

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    hello friends

    above is screenshot linked

    pls see it tell me how can i make it short way

    i know their is a short way of doing this


    actually here i have done is

    put all buttons out of layout except pause button

    So if i click pause button > pause button will go out and other play, reload, level button will came in and they all button will came with fade in and time scale will be 0

    and if click play then first will fade out and time scale 1

    if click reload then restart game with fade out



    i had done this with lengthy way

    is their any short way of doing this

    may be boolean but i don't know how

    if have any idea then pls tell me


    and their is one problem in my way

    when i click reload, play or pause button spawn is still active, During pause if i click many time in screen bullets created every time but they are freeze when click play all bullet goes active


    so here i have done wait until fade out finished on bullet spawn

    But one another problem comes here when any fade finished one bullet spawned automatically

    pls tell me any way of doing this

  • Sorry I didn't understand the thing well. Could you upload a Capx then I can figure out by myself what you want to do ?


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