pls check my event & tel me whats wrong in saving array

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  • pls check this screenshot

    where i am wrong ?? ... g.jpg?dl=0

  • Haven't gotten any further on your own I see..

    You haven't changed a thing..

    • put the second and third action of event 11 in event 18

    (There's no need to perform them for each)

    • put event 11 below event 17

    (Only usefull if anything has changed and nothing has changed yet on event 11)

  • i have try these all

    when i play game i earned 20 points

    then i go to skin layout click on BG icon no 2

    frame now unlocked

    i go back to game game bg is changed now

    when i came back to skin layout and i see Bg icon is again locked

  • Seems like I don't understand what you are trying to do..

  • yes this is exactly what i want

    i was doing this in a wrong way

    it is a different way

    thanks again mate

    i'll come back again with next question soon


    for now i'll do some experiments with this example

    you helping me a lot

    from the beginning of learning construct 2 i was facing this problem

    firstly i stuck with webstorage

    after one month work with tutorials & forum i was able to understand little about webstorage but it bad news comes that webstorage is now depreciated and now is replaced with local storage

    i was just going to give it up

    but no i decide to do it again

    learn again

    you guys are here helping us who has no knowledge about this

    thanks once again

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  • Hi LittleStain !

    i am studying file you had sent to me

    here are some line that i do not understanding what they does

    7. pick instance with UID <B>NotAvailable.SpriteUID<B/>

    10. set SpriteUID to Background.UID

    OK pick instance with Unique ID means we get a unique ID for Background

    what is Background.UID

    then what it does and how we get it

  • I'm not sure why this version is linked..

    It's not finished, I was adding some more functionality, but ran out of time..

    In event 10 I set the instance variable SpriteUiD of the text-object "notavailable" to the unique ID of the associated background..

    In event 7 I want to perform actions on the background associated with the instance of "notavailable", I have to pick the background and do that by checking if its UID is the same as the instance variable of the texobject..

    Like I was saying, this example was not finished completely, althpugh it does most of what you asked for and more..

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