Please Start putting USEFULL subjects on your posts

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  • If you keep just leaving your posts with the Title "How Do I" many of us won't even click on it. We don't have time to open and read every single post, so usually you look for the ones where the title gives you a clue about the issue so you can decide if it is something you feel you can help with.

    Just as a courtesy to those of us trying to help, start getting more descriptive with your subject lines when opening new threads of discussion. You will get much more help that way.

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  • Agreed.

    If they can't be bothered to put in a proper subject title, then I for one cannot be bothered to even look at their post.

    My personal peeve however: Subjects such as 'How can I create so-and-so type game' as their first post, even though they obviously haven't even bothered with the manual, tutorials or search. Although with such titles, it's easy to ignore them

  • Yeah its the right way to easy search posted in the past topics

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