Please help me solve this Optimization issue.

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  • I'm trying to recreate something similar to this dynamic interactive Star Wars RPG character sheet: ... ble-v4.pdf

    The main jist: You have a TRAIT score, and an ABILITY score. Whatever is the highest value is your total Green Dice pool. Then, a number of Green Dice are upgraded to Yellow dice based on the lower value.

    Example Gif:

    My first attempt at this has been successful- but with problems. When I go into debug mode the whole program idles at 31%+ CPU usage. Way too high.

    My attempt link: ... sp=sharing

    However, the weirdest part is the fix. Clicking on any part of the 'Strength' textbox drops it down to 1%. And then clicking on anywhere outside of the Strength box brings it right back up to 31%.

    Even when you go into debug mode, and highlight the object from the left side panel, it even drops then! It's really confusing. Especially since I don't have any Events that are actively checking if the textbox is clicked or not. I have no idea.

  • If you leave the debugger open in the inspector it does that, 1 ~30% but if you open the profiler tab, it remains on 0% ~1%

    I am guessing it is due to all the values continuous being set, which gets updated in the inspector tab.

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  • Yeah, the Debugger sucks up a bunch of system resources.

    make a text object and then use a Set text "fps" to make your own FPS meter, and pulse it every 60*dt. This will be more accurate, but remember that the FPS meter you just made sucks up a little bit too.

    system=>every 60*dt-----------TextObject.Set text "fps"

    There are a couple of others you can use to help optimize, like getting the objects "count" and setting it to the text. I think there is even a CPU and GPU expression, but I really would not trust those due to hardware acceleration, and crappy web browser design. In Unity I have had some major heart breaks thinking my overhead was cool, but the meter i was reading was designed for CPU rendering only... It ignores the GPU completely. C2 might be the same way.

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