Please Help - remove random object spawn on start of layout

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  • Based off the template code in the 'Helicopter Style Game Template'

    I've created spriter animations that have been anchored to the images of the cars as a test.

    It all works perfectly except for the first few seconds a car randomly spawns every now and then but the image is set to invisible so you can't see it in game. I've set them to visible and can see it happening every 5 layouts or so.

    I've attached some screen shots of my event sheet.

    Any help would be really appreciated!

    Thank you

    Fixed it

  • Akillie Very difficult without the capx-file. Can you post it?

  • I can but i've had trouble sending it to someone in the past as it doesn't transfer over the spriter animations with it ( or something) I can give it a go anyway... Sorry for my lack of knowledge - im new

  • I can't send the link to the public folder ive put it in.... stupid rules.

    how can I upload it to here?

  • You should upload the file to a post here instead of giving a link to the file (since you can apparently not post links to the forums yet cause you don't have enough "reputation points").

    Post here again, and use the "Full editor" button below, which will allow you to attach files directly to your forum post.

  • That would have worked had the file size been under 2MB.

    Sorry for being a pain! any way i can make it smaller?

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  • I fixed it xD thank you for the help

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