please help 3 questions, I could get a job.

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  • Hi guys,

    I been offered a game dev job, but my games need to be able to do the 3 following things:

    1.Tracking code (Google Analytics/Flurry)

    2.Ads (Admob for instance)

    3.Google Play services (Achievements and Leaderboards)

    And if I understand correctly C2 can only use google play in the browser and not in mobile apps. Is there any way around this? could I use Ludei or any other software to achieve these 3 things?

    Best Regards Wonamik

  • Those things are doable, but you probably need more experience if you don't know how to export for android.

  • Are they doable with C2? Is it complicated to do?

    Is there any tutorial or something available?

    Does it work good or just "kinda" work?

    Iam broke and this job would mean a lot to me so if its possible then I will do what it takes to learn.

    Best Regards Wonamik

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  • I don't think there are ways to do it "out of the box" as of yet. I've been looking to integrate Google Play myself but still haven't found my way around it. You'd actually have to code it (HTML5) and integrate it in the game from what I understand. For this reason, I've picked up a few HTML5 books and I'm studying it. Look up tutorials and learn fast I guess.

    Good luck.

  • With CocoonJS i think you may achieve that. I don't know how to do it cuz i'm also a beginner but, i've read about and it's not too difficult (: try searching in tutorial section.

  • I'm pretty sure you can't do it with Crosswalk, at least, not yet. You might be able to do it with CocoonJS, but you'll be losing some performance (from what I understand).

  • Have anyone done it so they know for sure 100% that it works?

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