Please Help on iOS screen and asset sizes.

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  • Hey guys. My game is about 90% complete.

    I plan to release it on iOS as soon as possible and I have yet to get a developer license. Hell, I have yet to find a MacBook I can borrow.

    I came across this spread sheet from apple: ... atrix.html

    I noticed there are different dimensions for each type of iPad/iPhone.

    Does this mean my game should come in builds of different background and asset sizes?

    Built my game in a 640 x 480 window option. Does this mean I have to create builds 2048 x 2732 (with corresponding asset size) down to 768 x 1024 (with corresponding asset size)?

    I read a very long time ago before I even started creating assets that ALL iOS images should come in sizes that are multiples of 4. Does this still apply for Construct 2?

    I certainly made sure of that back when I was creating my assets but was forced to reduce them while I was building the capx to fit the current 640 x 480 window.

    Some of my sprite sizes (reduced size) in my current build are 40.1233 x 20.5678 pixels or something like that. Not EXACT multiple

  • Thanks. Bookmarked.

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  • Okay, just finished reading everything.

    From what I understand, the best option would be to create a 16:9 window which I did(portrait for my game).

    The window created already had that 'Letter Box' scaling which was highly recommended in the second tutorial.

    The window size generated though was 480 x 854 which means I still have to resize my assets with sizes 360 x 360 for you standard sprites.

    In the actual porting process will I have to create different Capx files of different resolutions?

    So if I go with the created 480 x 854, I'm going to assume images will appear fine on iPhones but will look stretched on iPads?

    What about the whole "every iOS sprites must be a multiple of 4 px " thing? It that a myth or does it simply not apply to construct 2 already doing the scaling for you?

    If it is, should the images already scaled by Construct 2 still be multiples of 4px?

    Sorry if I'm sounding amateurish because well... I am an amateur.

  • BUMP guys.

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