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  • For some reason when we face left the characters breath will not go left.Here is our event sheet set up for this.

    keyboard-space is down///////// character - spawn flame particles on layer 0

    -character spawn breath on layer 0

    -Breath Pin to character

    • Flame pin to character

    keyboard-space is realease////Flame Destroy

    -Breath destroy

    -Flame unpin

    -Breath unpin

    Breath on collision with enemy///////-enemy destroy

    On left arrow pressed/////////Rotate flame -180 degrees

    -Rotate Breath -180 degrees

    On left arrow released//////////// Rotate flame 180 Degrees

    -Rotate breath 180 degreees

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  • labombardn17

    Please don't multi-post over different forum sections.

    I've removed the copies.

  • First of all I guess you dont want to spawn every tick the space-key is down..

    So on space pressed would probably be better..

    Second.. Unpinning after destroying isn't really nescessary..

    Third on pressed triggers once setting it to 180

    But on released triggers immediately when released, so you might not even see..

    Not sure what event you use for mirriring/rotating your character, but why not use that event to mirror/rotate your breath/flame as well?

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