How do I use a playerbox on a auto runner game?

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  • Hello fellow humans

    So the title says it all, I'm trying to avoid putting the platform behaviour on the player itself because I recently learned that doing this with an animation will lag your player motion and even affect the fluidity of the game. So I've tried to do it on my own by using the auto runner template..but it didn't turn out too well.. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to C2 so I just want to learn as much as I can to put out the best I can.

  • A playerbox is just a rectangular sprite with a rectangular collision-polygon.

    The animated-player can be pinned to it, so all actions regarding movement will be done by the playerbox and all actions regarding collision with objects and or even fighting, etcetera, can be done with the animated player..

  • To be clear. I know what a player box is already, I did the platformer tutorial by ashley which included learning this. The problem is it becomes very jerky after I replace the character with the playerbox and pin the animation to it.

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  • Well it shouldn't.. Haha..

    Have you checked the collision-polygon of your playerbox?

    Does your character have solid-behaviour by mistake?

    Are your animations jerky or uncentered or are there issues with the origin?

    Are the collision-polygons of the floor correct?

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