My player walks through walls

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  • Hello everyone, my name is Francisco, and i have a problem.

    First, sorry for my english, i'm from Argentina.

    My question is, how can i make my player, don't walk through the walls, and solid objects?

    I put a sprite into a Layout, and i wrote the event: Touch and move with mouse (with a target). Everything goes fine, until my player pass through solid objects and walls and everything in the "map".

    [Moving with keys on the keyboard doesn't make tihs, but i wan't the same with the click and move (mouse) event]

    There is a way i can make my player walk but when it hits a solid object stop, and can't pass through it?

    I use all the behaviors and configured them, but i'm going crazy

    Again, sorry for my english, thanks for your time.

    If its possible, give me a .capx project.

    With affection, from Argentina, Francisco

    PS: if this is a repost, tell me and i'll delete this.


  • You either need to make your player solid too or use a behavior like 8-direction or platformer that interacts with solid objects.

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  • I can't believe that, too easy, i just forget the behaviors of my "player" and i was going crazy.

    (Sorry, i thought that i did it)

    Thanks for your quick reply C-7

  • Another problem, my player, don't pass through object, but it don't stop when it hits a solid object, i mean in the 8-direction behavior (or platform) (already configured) my player hits and still moving, and dont stop... what about it ?

    I will try to write something like: when hits (sprite) speed = 0, but it has a lot of sprites with solid behavior


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