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  • Hi I'm new to the forum but not new to game creation, I am currently starting to build my game. "The Sentinels" as a 2D platformer part of the charm is they convert forms from robot to vehicle.

          They are based on action figures that I have created and still creating. I need the character to show it's transformation sequence and then stay into vehicle form. I have the character walking jumping and in vehicle mode. But it fails to show it's transformation it just jumps directly into vehicle mode any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Here is the link to the public dropbox folder.

  • Merge your transform and afterTransform animation into one with the transform at the beginning. Then set the animation to loop back to the beginning of the afterTransform animation. Should do what you are wanting.

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  • Numonic I would go through the beginners tutorial on platformers for construct as it covers using multiple animation states and switching between them when needed. I know you are no beginner to game development, but that tutorial has good info on using multiple animations. You can find it here: How to make a platform game

  • Alex will definitely try the animations and BluePhaze thank you for the sourcing of resources really appreciated. Love this software so far planning on purchasing for mobile device release after completed.

  • Went through the changes and still nothing wonder what I'm doing wrong here is a image shot of the event sheet.

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