How do I make the player stop in a node on a map screen?

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  • Hello. I have a small question I think will be pretty simple to answer.

    I made a quick test of a basic map screen and right now I am figuring out how to make the player move on a grid-based system. I have the movement figured out correctly but the problem I'm having is that I don't know how to make the player stop in the center of the node.

    Right now, the event is set to make the player stop when they overlap it just so I can make sure the movement action itself is working properly. So, how do I make it so that the player stops in the middle of the node instead of when they touch the edge of it? I will attach the .capx file so you can look at it and see if you can help me out. I'm sure the answer is simple, I just don't know what it is and can't find it elsewhere!

  • You can use The Litetween Behavior.


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  • You can use The Litetween Behavior.


    Ah, this works well, thank you! I had no idea this behavior/plugin existed!

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