player stick to wall. IS THERE A plugin ??

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  • Hello all,

    im making a top down shooter,

    but im not satisfied with the way sprites interact with each others.

    when the player is in collision with a solid or wall, its stuck on it instead of gliding the right way depending on keys pressed.

    its only working when walls are perfectly horizontal or vertical.


    i remember seeing a plug-in or a behavior made by Rojohound or Rexrainbow i think,

    which was about this issue , but i cant find it anymore.

    someone can help ??

    thanks a lot !

  • thanks a lot alextro, this is the idea, but its not working for me,

    as i have also nonsquare walls where the origin point is not the center,

    and i also use tilemap with solid behavior for certain wall.

    so i need to find something else.

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  • manukeo

    the player is probably getting stuck on the collision polygon. You can add points to the polygon to help follow along a curve. but it doesn't take much of a bump for the player to get stuck.

    I seem to remember a plugin that would push objects out of a solid, but I am not sure that is the problem here.

  • hello AllanR

    my wall are really straight is most of cases, but efectively i had only 4 collision point in my sprite player,

    i upgrade to 8 and it seems to be a little better, i'll gonna run some tests thx

    is there a way to know at which precise angle a curved polygon will stuck on a solid ? is there a way to assign a round collision box to player ?

  • dude manukeo the day ashley makes construct to have round collosion is the day earth explode. you see computers were built to read things in a square shape pattern every circle that you see or "curve" is really just tiny tiny tiny angles of lines.

    As far as i know no one been able to make round without adding in so many point but if it is possible i want in lol

  • Here's the example you were thinking of:

    It's not set up to handle tilemaps.

    Also if you search my posts about "collision normal" you can find some ways to find the angle of the surface an object is colliding with.

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