How do I make my player slide on other solids?

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  • Hello,

    I´m making a platform game but I dont know if there is a way to avoid that my player get stuck on every corner when it is on collision with the platforms

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  • what do you use for your movement? 8dir? custom? have you tried decelerating on collision instead of instant speed stop?

    there's a million of possibilities, but you haven't really told us much what do you have / have done. upload your capx.

  • Why not to use one invisible solid sprite and set other platform skins above it.

  • saiyadjin A0Nasser thanks for the answers. The player is using platform and solid behavior and the platforms are using solid behaviors. I´ll try what you say. Thanks!

  • Here is de capx. If you tried to jump to the platform andthe player collision with de edge, he get stuck on his hed, arm... I want to avoid this. It is that possible? saiyadjin

  • This is what cause the problem you are facing:

    Yes the guessing polygon need to be fix like this:

  • there, alextro gave you a solution. When you're checking for collision it uses these poligons (polygon from your character vs polygon of your object of collision) to check if they have touched. if you use the one from upper picture, you can see it's polygon is not really as character is. so best to do to avoid simple mistakes is to use bounding box as shown on picture 2. later you can change that for better approximation around your char, but you have to do then pixel perfect collisions and more.

    best you can do to try for now - use bounding box both on your player, and your object of collision - yes they both need to have good collision polygons for it to work nicely.

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