How do I get player to shoot?

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  • I'm making a game where after the player finds a certain object he then has the ability to shoot that object out.

    I'm having some issues with this. I gave the object the "bullet" behavior but when I press the button I assigned to make it shoot out....nothing happens. It did shoot out earlier, before I had assigned it a button and I had said in the events tab that it should shoot out after the player collides with the object if finds. I looked back at the project I did with the beginner's tutorial and checked out the events tab there to see what I did to make the player shoot (because it worked there) and I don't seem to be doing anything different, except for using the keyboard as input instead of the mouse.

    I thought maybe an "if" statement would help me out, but I don't see one and "else" for some reason is greyed out, so I can't use that either.

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  • if you are following a tutorial on it work them it seem have make a mistake in your code i do that a lot. So just go over back the tutorial and check back your code and you'll see the error why you cant shoot.

  • It would be quicker and easier if you posted the .capx for us to check for you. Otherwise, all we can do is make guesses which can be frustrating for all of us.

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