How do I make the player Score every block it goes past?

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  • Hello! I am new to the forum, but I been playing around with construct 2 for a couple of months here and there.

    My question was that how do I make the Sprite(Player) Score every passing block it goes past in a portrait layout ?

    I am a very visual learner, so anything related to videos,pictures or even showing me step by step on how its done id be very helpful !

    Ill post my Construct 2 example in a RAR file so you know what I am trying to achieve.

    Thanks !

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  • You just had to invert the condition ( Sprite > (x) Is Scored ).

    I attached fixed project.

  • TheDom,

    Thanks a lot for this ! I knew there had to be a cross but I never knew what it did or how to do it.

    One more question. When you say invert the condition , what do you mean by this ? What does it mean ?

    Thanks again.

  • If you look how I fixed your example, it now has an x in the condition. Right click on the condition and you'll see the option "invert". To invert a condition means when it's opposite it is true. In your case it means when "Is scored" is false.

    Another point to note is in your events you set the "is scored" to true but in this case that isn't needed because every time a new sprite is created, it's created with the value of false. If the situation was different and the same exact sprite stayed on the layout, then changing it to true at the of the events would be appropriate.

    Understanding how to use variables takes a little time to get your head wrapped around them. Your on the right track and I'm sure with practice you will learn to use them successfully.

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