How do I make a player not die when no longer colliding with object?

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  • So I have a moving block pushing across the screen and when the player doesn't collide with it I don't want the player to die anymore. So here what I got

    Player on collision with player set variable 1

    (X)player on collision with player set variable 0

    Colliding with player = 1/ wait 3 sec/ destroy

    Colliding with player =0/ No event

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  • In other words, the player only dies if it continues to collide with the object for 3 seconds? Yeah, you should not use "wait" here.

    Try something like this:

    variable collisionTime=0
    On player collision with block -> Set collisionTime to time
    Player NOT overlapping block -> Set collisionTime to 0
    Every tick
    collisionTime not equal 0
    collisionTime less than (time-3) -> Player destroy

    You can also do the same with Timer behavior. On collision start a timer "die" for 3 seconds. If no longer overlapping, cancel timer. On "die" timer event, destroy the player.

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