Player just jumps once

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    Hi Guys, small problem:

    My player moves around a planet, and needs to jump as soon as the mouse is near to him.

    This works fine one time, the monster jumps one time but after that not again.

    I thought the event just gets fired 1 time but it really gets fired as long as the cursor is near the player.

    Does someone of you have any clue why ? I could also make an example but I hope the image is enough.

    PS: Planet is solid, player is platform, default keys(YES)

    Before I forgot it, if I go away with the cursor and again near to it it jumps again once...

  • It works if you run it every second. I think every tick is too fast to allow it to even do a jump so it just appears static. Although you did get it to jump once, which is confusing. Try adding a wait time of 0.1 seconds after simulate jump.

  • Thanks Plinkie, I?m not sure why I forgot that... Wait 0.1 wasn?t enough even wait 1 second was to short cause the player jumps to slow.

  • Ah yeah jump strength, I was using the default. Cool :)

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  • If anyone will have again this problem and found this thread, a better way is to simulate the jump just if the player is not jumping. This keeps you away from problems with jump strength and slow pc�s.

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