How do I make a player jump on the ladder

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  • So I've been reading all platform climb tutorials and this is the mechanic /feeling I liked the most:


    I applied it to my current proyect but there's one problem. If you climb into a platform through a ladder you can't go down because the floor becomes solid again. The way it works is while you're on the ladder the solid becomes unsolid so you can pass through kinda like a jumpthrough behaviour but once you're on the top of the platform you can't go down.

    In the capx you can actually do it because there's no platform on the top of the ladder, but in my case I can't do that because tilemaps and the skeleton of the map. My ladder goes through the platform kinda like forming a cross

  • Would it be possible to create a "detection"-sprite at the position you want the player to be able to use the ladder and disable the solid behaviour if overlapping that sprite and touching the down button?

  • Quick update. Didn't notice the original capx has just the ladder just on top of the layer for a second I thought it was an empty solid. Anyways tried that as well and is not working for me. My player box is also 32x32 and the conditions and actions are the same. Basically I have all set up just as the example and won't go down the ladder from the top of a higher level.

  • I found the problem. Had to give a higher value to set y to player.y +16 on the get on the ladder when above it.

  • Edited the title for my new question. How can I make the player jump on the ladder? Let's say I want to jump from one ladder to another ladder?

    Right now only way to get off the ladder is by the conditions off the ladder on pressing one key but I want to be able to jump off the ladder into another ladder.

    Any ideas? Thanks

  • Anyone? Would appreciate some help.

  • Bump

  • Well, without looking at the example, I'd guess you could just make a custom command that sets the Y vector of the player to whatever their normal jump strength is (and also removes them from the ladder). For instance, you could copy the "get off ladder" event, change the trigger to your jump key, and set the vector in that event. If ladders are too "sticky" for that to reliably work, you could even temporarily disable ladder behavior for half a second or so; whatever timing works best for you.

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  • The example is the tutorial mentioned on the first post.

  • I know, just being lazy. Anything I said apply? Might check the actual example later when I have more time.

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