Player can only jump while floor moves

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  • So I have this game that I want to work like this Tron game.

    Basically it works like this.

    Players idle animation looks like he is running but he is actually static.

    Player can not move left or right.

    Player can jump and tumble. Both of these will not move the player forward.

    Solid floors are moving below the player but do not carry him backwards as would normally happen. Causing it to look like the player is moving forward across the level.

    The way I am currently doing it is sorta buggy. I have a solid invisible wall behind the player and I have him moving right at the same speed that the floors are moving left. When he jumps I set his speed to 0 so that he doesn't jump forward and when he lands his speed is set back to normal.

    There has go to be a better way of achieving this.

    Any help?

  • Sounds like you're complicating things. Just disable all his movement except for platform jumping or whatever you're using, and make the environment around him move. The easiest way to do that would just be to put everything you want to move in a family and move the family towards the player (and if you want it to go faster or slower at any point it's also quite easy). Then you can build the level however you want.

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  • That's what I did. But then since the floor is solid the player moves with the floor. How do I make it so the player doesn't move with the floor, but it still keeps him from falling through the floor?

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