Player Ignores Solids During Move Command

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  • Perhaps I'm going about this move command in an incorrect way.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This game is designed to be played on an Android (or another touch enabled device)

    I would like to have it so you have a party of 3 individual sprites. In order to move one you must drag your finger from the sprite to the desired end-location. So using Construct 2, I made it so each sprite had an invisible object with a drag/drop behavior and then made it so this object would always be attached to the appropriate sprite (unless being dragged), lets call this object the movehandle.

    So with the movehandle I have it so when it is dropped it will create another graphic called movetarget. When movetarget is created the character will face movetarget and accelerate toward it. Upon colliding with movetarget the character will stop. (All of these functions work just fine using the custom movement behavior)

    Where I am having issues is with solids. My characters, while capable of moving to any desired location, they ignore walls. How do I keep the movement style the same but force my characters to collide and stop when hitting a solid?

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  • If you are using physics behaviors you need to set them to immovable as opposed to solid.

    Solid and jump through are for interacting with platform behavior objects if I remember correctly

  • Not using physics behaviors. I'm attempting to give the game a Zelda: A Link to the Past flavor and as such will be using the same view point. (no Jumping, etc)

    Sorry, should have mentioned that.

    I would use 8 directional movement, but i would like to units to move more freely into any direction not just 8.

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