How do I do that the player don't go through the wall?

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  • Hello

    In my game the player move in "snap to grid" style (top view game). I mean it move one frame/grid to another one.

    Of course in the game there are walls. The walls must be solid as the player can't through walls. So the hero stop when he collisions the walls.

    But he doesn't do it. I think because I don't use movement behaviors. Just I use a simple "if a key is pressed set position to ....". It perfectly works, just it doesn't stop in front of the wall. I tried add a movement behaviors and set the "default controll" is "no". The result is: Stop front of the wall, just when I move left (for exemple) and the player collision the wall, he began to "climp" along the wall.

    I upload my game, maybe it will help you. Thanks!

    I think write here and I ask you, because I have no more idea...

  • Someone made this capx with one possible solution, can't remember who..

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  • Thanks but I don't open it. My program version is 173. This file will save with 175.

    If the "script" of this file not too complex may be enough a picture about the script for me.

  • There is a new stable version 178, I suggest you update to that..

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