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  • Hello all,

    I'm working on making my 2D player have a duck/crouching ability. I have created two function the first one "when down key is down" and "PlayerMask is on floor". I do not know how to set the size for my PlayerMask without him phasing into the ground while attempting to duck. Plus the crouch animation tends to loop while holding the down key. I tried searching the forums as well to see if anyone has asked this question before (because embarrassing enough it seems so simple) but all I found was how to make crouching in Construct Classic only... Please Help.

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  • you should set the animation to set when :

    Key Pressed: Down (instead of Key is down)

    To set the collision mask, you use the Sprite editor included in Construct 2, but I think the problem is the origin of your Sprite, for a platforming game, it's better to set it at the feet of the player, so if his/her tall increase or decrease, it will evolve upper instead of all around of the player

  • Thank you Aphrodite!

    By the way I love your Monster World IV Profile Pic of Asha Love that game!

  • Edit: Sorry, I misread your post. Have you tried adding a "once while true" to your key event?

    Like this:

    <img src="" border="0" />

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